This is a partial list of what we are trying to provide to ease the education process.

In order to encourage users to leave videos, we provide a platform for advertising their talents.

Technicians can independently charge a fee for providing training or in house repairs.

* Categorize and publish short videos to help train biomed technicians.

* Provide a platform to pay for one on one training through Face time or Skype connection.

*Provide an escrow account so people feel safe doing business with one another.

We will be the escrow account holder to make sure both parties are satisfied.

We will provide a simple guide in how to contact each other and what needs to happen to avoid unnecessary grievances. Provide simple contracts for both parties.

Such as what time to call, the phone number, the amount agreed upon, scope of the contact, what tools needed in advance.

* Provide a platform for individuals to find trainers or facilities that could train them with hands on experience.

As an example, a clinic in X region could host an individual for a week to train on how to use their MRI for an agreed fee. We will hold their contract and act as a fair and unbiased judge in disbursing the funds after all parties are happy with the service.

Videos submitted to us will become our shared property.

Contact us for any particular service that you might need.