In-Person Classes is offering in person classes.

This page will provide everything you need to know about how to sign up for in person classes.

We are offering the following courses in 2023-2024 for middle school to high school age children interested in science and technology:

  1. Intro to Biomed technology
  2. Intro to Industrial robotic science and mapping

If you are interested follow the links below.

How to register for the classes, Dates, and contact information (link to the page below)

Service agreement

Student Code of Conduct (link to the page below)

Cancelation Policy: Since our classes are only 10 students, once you register for a date, you are obligated to attend. If you notify us 15 days before the class date, you can cancel. Otherwise, you will be charge for it if no show.

Hours of Operation: Please refer to our Facebook page or the hours of operation ( Facebook link)

Refund Policy: No Refund as we don’t charge till your child attends the class.

Payment schedule: We will invoice the ACE program or the parent with due date of the payment.

Privacy policy

Transportation Policy: Drop off and Pick up for students. Pick up by designated adults unless permission is given in advance to leave on their own.

Course Description

  1. Intro to Bio-med: 10 students per class only.

This course is designed to introduce young students from 13-18 years of age who are interested in hands on learning of testing and fixing medical equipment.

Several different types of medical equipment are introduced at the beginning of the class, such as scopes and how they can be inserted into human stomachs or lungs. Video connections of the equipment. EKG machine’s basics.

Then we will provide the tools and equipment for a basic diagnostic of equipment.

We will provide each student with a working and a non-working pulse oximeter.

A multimeter and hand tools to test each board and record their findings

Everything is battery operated and no chance of electrocution. 4 hrs. of hands on class time, unlimited online learning. $250.00 per session.

  1. Intro to Robot mapping and basic knowledge: 10 students per class only.

This course is designed to introduce the students to the basic parts of a commercial robot.

We will provide two state of the art, UVD-Robot model B. Each is designed to autonomously disinfect spaces.

We will show every working part of the robot and how it works. We will teach them the basics of mapping a room and how to create a map to be used on the robot.

The curriculum involves watching introductory online videos on how the equipment works.

The hands-on part takes place in person. 4 hrs. of class. $250.00 per session.

Registration and scheduling

Dear parents and students;

To register for our classes please visit the link below and fill out the form.


Text: 614-401-1633 please include your info

Facebook link              Facebook

In case of any questions, visit our website or call us.

Student Code of Conduct

While attending our hands-on training activities, students are expected to follow these basic rules, procedures, and expectations:

  1. Your first priority is to learn. Avoid distractions that interfere with or are counter-intuitive to that mission.
  2. Be in the assigned place with appropriate materials, ready to work at the designated time that class begins.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself and never intentionally harm another student.
  4. Use school-appropriate language and behavior at all times while maintaining friendly and courteous behavior.
  5. Be polite and respectful to everyone, including students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and visitors.
  6. Follow individual teacher instructions, class rules, and expectations at all times.
  7. Do not be a bully. If you see someone being bullied, intervene by telling them to stop or immediately report it to camp personnel.
  8. Do not become a distraction for others. Give every other student the opportunity to maximize their potential. Encourage your fellow students. Never tear them down.
  9. Attendance and participation in class are an essential part of the educational process. Furthermore, it allows students to achieve the maximum possible benefits from their educational experience. All students are encouraged to be present and prompt. School attendance is the responsibility of both parents and students.
  10. Represent yourself in a manner that you will be proud of in 10 years. You only get one opportunity to get life right. Take advantage of the opportunities you have at our camp. They will help you be successful throughout your life.

Privacy Policy

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Service Agreement

This Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into ___________________ (the “Effective Date”) by and between ____________________ (the “Customer”) located at _________________________ and Med-Donation LLC DBA  (the “Service Provider”) located at __710 Neil Ave, Columbus Ohio 43215  , also individually referred to as the “Party”, and collectively the “Parties”.

  1. Services. The Service Provider shall perform the services listed in this Section 1 (the “Services”).
    1. Basic hands-on training on diagnosis of medical equipment. 10 student per class. Refer to the class description.
    2. Basic hands-on training on autonomous robots, mapping and components. 10 students per class. Refer to the class description.
    3. Hours of operation:  Varies. We have it announced on our Facebook page and our website.

It is a 4 hour class on various dates. Our registration form has the dates and time of upcoming classes.

    1. Dress Code: Appropriate Attire. No open shoes. Please refer to our code of conduct.
    2. Transportation: Students must be dropped off 15 minutes prior to the class and picked up 15 minutes after the class. We are not responsible for students older than 16 who drive themselves.
  1. Compensation. The Customer agrees to pay the Service Provider $250 per session as payment for the Services provided. This fee will be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

Total Cost of the Services: 250.00

Amount Due at Signing: 0.0

Amount Due at Completion: $250.00

  1. Payment. The Service Provider shall submit an invoice to the Customer. Invoices shall be paid within 7 days from the date of the invoice. Payments may be made by credit card/electronic transfer/check as follows:

Paypal account:

ACE accounts will be invoiced separately.

  1. Termination.
    1. Either Party may terminate the Agreement at any time.  In the event the Customer terminates the Agreement, the Customer shall still remain obligated to pay for the Service that are registered for. If the notice is given 15 day prior to the class, there is no charge.
    2. Exclusion: Due to the fact that each class has a maximum of 10 students, if a registered student is no show, student will be charged. If we have 15 days advanced notice and we can make exception.
    3. This Agreement will automatically terminate when both Parties have performed all of their obligations under the Agreement and all payments have been received.
  2. Relationship of the Parties.
    1. No Exclusivity. The Parties understand this Agreement is not an exclusive arrangement.  The Parties agree they are free to enter into other similar agreements with other parties.  The Service Provider agrees the Service Provider will not enter into any agreements that conflict with the Service Provider’s obligations under this Agreement.
    2. Independent Contractor. The Service Provider is an independent contractor.  Neither Party is an agent, representative, partner, or employee of the other Party.
  3. Dispute Resolution.
    1. Choice of Law. The Parties agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the State and/or Country in which the duties of this Agreement are expected to take place. In the event that the duties of this Agreement are to take place in multiple States and/or Countries, this Agreement shall be governed by ______State of OHIO________________ law.
    2. Negotiation. In the event of a dispute, the Parties agree to work towards a resolution through good faith negotiation.
    3. Mediation or Binding Arbitration. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved through good faith negotiation, the Parties agree to submit to binding mediation or arbitration.
    4. Attorney’s Fees. In the event of Arbitration and/or Mediation, the prevailing Party will be entitled to its legal fees, including, but not limited to, its attorneys’ fees.
  4. General.
    1. Assignment.  The Parties may not assign their rights and/or obligations under this Agreement.
    2. Complete Contract.  This Agreement constitutes the Parties entire understanding of their rights and obligations.  This Agreement supersedes any other written or verbal communications between the Parties.  Any subsequent changes to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both Parties.
    3. Severability.  If any section of this Agreement is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the rest of this Agreement will still be enforceable.
    4. Waiver.  Neither Party can waive any provision of this Agreement, or any rights or obligations under this Agreement, unless agreed to in writing.   If any provision, right, or obligation is waived, it is only waived to the extent agreed to in writing.
  5. Notices.

All notices under this Agreement must be sent by email with read receipt requested or by certified or registered mail with return receipt requested. Notices shall be sent as follows:






Service Provider





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The Parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth above as demonstrated by their signatures as follows:


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Service Provider

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